Healing Tao Australia classes you will learn Taoist techniques that can quiet your mind so you can discover your true self and tap into the wisdom of the heart, soul and spirit and strengthen these areas. By creating a solid foundation of health and well-being in the physical body, one also creates the basis for developing their spiritual potential


It is with great pleasure to announce that Grand Master Mantak Chia will be doing a 7 day Emotional Wisdom workshop in Sydney  Australia March 30th – April 5th 2018. Grand Master Mantak Chia enjoyed 2017 in Brisbane and is looking forwards to sydney 2018, this is an event not to be missed.

Brisbane Morning Taoist River Meditation

Every Wednesday: 6am-7am by Riverside Drive, West End, Brisbane

closed during winter

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Advanced Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage Workshop with Sarina Stone

Come learn advanced methods of combining the power of the mind with 5,000 year old techniques (abdominal massage) for improving digestion, relieving toxic illness and opening channels in the body so we may improve the flow of blood, oxygen, cerebral spinal fluid and vital energy to the brain and organs.

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Here are some testimonies from people that attended the Grand Master Mantak Chia’s  5-day workshop in Brisbane 2017. Check our events page for other events and also Grand Master Mantak Chia’s 2018 event in Sydney.

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Classes Every Wednesday Morning 6am-7am in Brisbane

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