Healing Tao Australia classes you will learn how Taoists have used 5 Element Theory to look at the Universe, Nature and our bodies for 1000s of years and learn Inner Alchemy techniques to harmonise our own lives

By creating a solid foundation of health and well-being in the physical body, one also creates the basis for developing their spiritual potential.


Our next event is in March 2019 with Grand master Mantak Chia where you can come and learn the universal healing tao basics and how to re-activate the healing light and micro cosmic orbit life force.


Teacher Training Universal Healing Tao Australia - Associate Instructor Training

Just Be Chi Classes

Every Friday 5pm-6pm at 359 Montague Road, West End, Brisbane

Come meet like minded people & still the mind, turn within and connect with your true consciousness, learn ancient Taoist techniques passed down from a long lineage of Taoist Masters to strengthen the internal organs, root oneself solidly, improved mental, physical & spiritual health. Connect to the forces and 5 elements to refine, store and multiply our chi life force


Here are some testimonies from people that attended the Grand Master Mantak Chia’s  5-day workshop in Brisbane 2017. Check our events page for other events and also Grand Master Mantak Chia’s 2019 event in Brisbane.

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