Bamboo Hitter


Though there is some self-hitting history in the West, it is not usual in the East.  Self-hitting practices are common and varied and developed in the Orient. Healthy self-hitting has many benefits and no you can too with this natural bamboo hitter. By using a bamboo hitter you can help to loosen stagnations and toxins from the muscles and cells, bring blood flow to the skin, and generally wake up your internal systems. You can slap or tap muscles, organs, acupuncture points, etc. The product will be back in stock in 3 weeks, I’m still taking orders.

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In the primary form of Hitting, a bundle of bamboo rods is used to strike specific lines along the body and limbs. The bamboo rods create vibrations which serve to open the pores of the bones for the accumulated energies to access the bone marrow. These vibrations also shake any toxins out of the fascia, muscles and internal organs, while breaking up deposits of uric acid and releasing tension from the body.



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