Tao Practices

The purpose of the Healing Tao is to encourage and help people to take responsibility for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and lives. By using this as the structure for each class, you will learn to increase physical energy, release tension, improve health, be able to heal yourself and others and become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually independent. Here are some of the practices you can expect to achieve this.

Chi Kung Warm Up Exercises


As with all exercise routines, warming up is essential. It enables your body become loose and flexible and helps open up the internal channels through which your energy can flow. The 3 and most important areas involved in this standing warming up exercise is the spinal cord, sacrum & cranial pumps By doing this warm up at the start of each class we enhance the capacity of our physical and energetic body to absorb more energy and a free path for chi to flow. Also cultivation of the movement of the pelvis, perineum, urogenital diaphragm and anus are very important in helping to move the life-force and sexual energy up to the higher center.

Chi Self Massage

With Chi Self Massage you come right back into your body. Rub or knock on all parts of your body in a gentle, peace-loving way. It gives a lot of awareness. It stimulates the Chi flow, energy flow. It is good to do after meditations. It brings your mind back into your body, you learn to feel your body.

Inner Smile Meditation


The Inner Smile Meditation is a wonderful relaxation exercise through which we achieve harmony with our physical body thereby also learning to accept and respect unconditionally ourselves with all our bodily functions (glands, organs, cells, bones, etc.) If you do not smile and separate the organs from toxins the energy can block, By smiling and relaxing your body you give the organs, glands more space to detoxify and store nutrients. It is an important means to eliminate stress. We’re going to make contact with our bodies, Your smile and love has powerful healing qualities. With this loving energy we smile to our organs so that tensions and negative emotions transform into vitality, creativity. Love has healing power and rejuvenates.

Tao Yin Yoga

Tao Yin is Chinese Yoga and is a gentle form of yoga, which has been grown along with Tai Chi and QiGong for thousands of years. We mainly work on flexibility in the tendons and joints and create space. The postures are never long maintained and I can adapt each pose depending on the skill level of the person. This form of yoga creates space and flexibility, while still keeping the force in the tendons. Much attention is paid to breathe in this form of yoga, like with any practice.

Six Healing Sounds


The Six Healing Sounds will support you to transform negative emotions, stress and pain into life force. While doing this practice in class and in your daily life it helps our organs to detoxify and regenerate. This practice identifies negative emotions in each organ and transforms them into positive ones. You will learn to connect with your organs, know where they are and how to transform negative emotions that might be stored in them like cruelty into love (heart) and anger into kindness (liver). It involves connecting with the unpleasant feeling and breathing it out of the organ concerned.

Microcosmic Orbit

One of the most well known basic Taoist practices. In this meditation you will learn to circulate energy around the microcosmic orbit (Governing and Functional channels of the body). Opening these 2 channels has an effect on all meridians in the body. By opening the Microcosmic Orbit we guide our consciousness and energy along the two main meridians in our energy body, which supplies our entire body with more vitality and consciousness. We become healthier, less susceptible to stress, more balanced and flow through life with joy.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung


Iron Shirt Chi Kung helps us to become rooted to the earth, thereby keeping our body centered and balanced. This old Qigong discipline strengthens the body and creates a protecting “iron shirt“. Originally it was used to keep away inner and outer injuries. Nowadays we use this exercise to improve our immune system. It corrects bad body posture and dissolves unfavorable habits in movements.

Healing Love

Lovemaking is very natural and necessary for survival. The sexual energy is an important source of energy. It is important to keep the Jing Chi or life essence. In some animals, the male species even die after reproduction. This essence, this energy is important to feel the connection to your source clear and open. We learn to keep the Jing Chi in this part of the TAO. We learn to transform the sperm and the egg to Chi energy that is brought up in the head by the micro cosmic orbit, Thus our system is powered by the raw sexual energy in our pelvis which then transforms into Chi and so to the Shen.

Fusion of the Five Elements


This practice involves the identification of the five elemental forces. These are fused in the center of the body to create a stone or pearl (similar to the philosophers stone in Western alchemy). This alchemical process converts base energies into virtuous ones. Aspects of Fusion1 include fusion of negative emotions, the 5 elements, and the senses. The pearl is be sent out of the body to form the energy or spiritual body. This is the vehicle for higher spiritual work.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal martial art. movements are performed slowly but powerful, It gives you a good coordination skills and blockages in your body disappears. The attention is focused on the inner structure of the body, the movement of the Chi, the life energy. By Chi or life energy circulation is improved in your body. It relieves the bone structure and revitalizes the whole human body. We learn to feel the Chi flow in the body.

We take energy to transform energy and directing the three forces:

  • Universal energy: the stars, the moon, the sun (yang) energy
  • Cosmic Energy: particles in the air (cosmic particles)
  • Earth energy: connecting with mother Earth (yin) energy

In taoism, cultivation of the movement of the pelvis, perineum, urogenital diaphragm, anus and the sacrum and cranial pumps are very important in helping to move the life-force and sexual energy up to the higher centre.

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