Did you know your kidneys resonate with the vibration of fear and trauma, especially when it comes to relationships where we feel emotionally vulnerable?

For starters, every emotion you experience affects energetically specific body organs. And according to Chinese medicine and thousands of studies, fear is the emotion that adversely affects the kidneys. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this connection and also do not care much about their kidneys, until they experience symptoms.

Here are some simple tips you can support your kidneys’ health:

  • drinking enough during the day, as many people are chronically dehydrated
  • eat asparagus, black beans, and food high in natural minerals
  • put a pinch of salt in your water so your kidneys can absorb it easier
  • juicing is also very beneficial – include celery, parsley, ginger and cucumbers
  • positive affirmations can help you to embrace life in a more positive way

Very effective are also specific Qi Gong exercises with the focus on the kidneys. If you like to learn one simple Qi Gong exercise, then WATCH the video and learn directly from my Master Mantak Chia.

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Adam Gokmen is Master Mantak Chia’s Australian coordinator, the founder of Healing Tao Australia, a Chi Kung instructor and a Tao teacher. Adam will be facilitating the Master Mantak Chia’s World Tour Gold Coast 2020 and providing on going support and teaching workshops on Chi Kung, Inner Smile, Tao Yin, Microcosmic orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Five Element Fusion and Tao Breath.