To stay as healthy as possible, you need to take your health journey into your own hands by applying basic rules and focusing on preventative healthcare.  

The basic rules of a healthy lifestyle include quit smoking, eat a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet, exercise every day if you can, cut out alcohol regardless of your age, avoid toxic environments and emotional stress. 

If you want to go beyond normal health to radiant health and even reverse your biological age, you need to go further than just avoiding things.  One of my favourite approaches I personally follow and teach is based on the Universal Healing Taoism System, created by Master Mantak Chia. This powerful and unique system combined with modern scientific discoveries, supports individuals to achieve a balanced emotional state, better health and a deeper connection with their spiritual self. 

Thousands of people worldwide learned from Master Mantak Chia, and on his website there are more than 900 testimonies. Many of these people have recovered from so called ‘incurable’ diseases from practicing Universal Healing Tao. It is evident that the Universal Healing System produces observable and verifiable changes for health, energy and a shift in consciousness.


Adam Gokmen is Master Mantak Chia’s Australian coordinator, the founder of Healing Tao Australia, a Chi Kung instructor and a Tao teacher. Adam will be facilitating the Master Mantak Chia’s World Tour Gold Coast 2020 and providing on going support and teaching workshops on Chi Kung, Inner Smile, Tao Yin, Microcosmic orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Five Element Fusion and Tao Breath.