Your DNA determines how your cells develop, and researchers all over the world have been searching for the key to influence the activity of genes in order to improve health and wellbeing. 

Can it be that there is another way to change, or even reprogram your DNA? At the University of Cincinnati, researchers discovered that light and sound can have an impact on the self-healing process of the body. This is meanwhile widely recognized within the alternative healing community. However, is it possible that visualization combined with intention can have a positive effect on our DNA? 

I asked my Master Mantak Chia exactly this fascinating question and he confirmed that it is possible to reprogram our DNA in ways you may not have considered yet.  Watch the video and check out the technique Master Mantak Chia is teaching. 



Adam Gokmen is Master Mantak Chia’s Australian coordinator, the founder of Healing Tao Australia, a Chi Kung instructor and a Tao teacher. Adam will be facilitating the Master Mantak Chia’s World Tour Gold Coast 2020 and providing on going support and teaching workshops on Chi Kung, Inner Smile, Tao Yin, Microcosmic orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Five Element Fusion and Tao Breath.