In today’s fast-paced life, emotional stress seems to be an accepted part of our world. However, emotional stress is affecting our mental and physical wellbeing, even though we often don’t realize it. Indeed, ongoing emotional stress is widely recognized as the main cause for a number of health problems, like depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and so on.

In case you feel your emotional stress is accumulating, you should aim for emotional balance, instead of trying to suppress or forget your negative emotions altogether.

Here’re some simple tips to get your emotional balance and happiness back:
-Get some help from your friends. Having a supportive environment is an excellent way to help manage life’s ups and downs.
-Remember the importance of self-love. Do things you know it makes you feel good, and with this, you are performing an act of self-love.
-The perhaps most powerful way to balance your emotional stress levels is by practising QiGong and grounding. Mantak Chia’s explains in his latest video the danger of accumulating negative emotions and shares powerful insights on how to release negative emotions and stay more balanced and happy. 


Adam Gokmen is Master Mantak Chia’s Australian coordinator, the founder of Healing Tao Australia, a Chi Kung instructor and a Tao teacher. Adam will be facilitating the Master Mantak Chia’s World Tour Gold Coast 2020 and providing on going support and teaching workshops on Chi Kung, Inner Smile, Tao Yin, Microcosmic orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Five Element Fusion and Tao Breath.